Farrell Training - Uncompromising


Farrell Training - Uncompromising


Farrell Training - Uncompromising

Rugby Skill Development

We focus specifically on the contact and collision areas of the game. The ability to control this area and also your opponent has become a key component of the modern game. Vital seconds can be shaved from all aspects of your ground work and our sessions are designed to demonstrate how this can be achieved. We also encourage our clients to experiment with the techniques and skills demonstrated to discover what works best for them.

Rugby Conditioning

Professional rugby players are now fitter and stronger than ever and clubs employ specialist coaches to ensure their athletes are in peak condition for as a long as possible during the season. Our services complement the existing structures in place by adding an extra dimension to your fitness training. Our years of experience has taught us how best to condition athletes, with particular attention paid to the fitness systems responsible for the short bursts of intense wrestling experienced in the tackle.

Rugby Competitor Training

To be successful in the modern era players need to have a highly focused sense of competitiveness and the mental resolve to persevere even though there may seem to be little incentive to do so. Our training can address this issue and help your players develop this mental toughness during the combat scenarios we create. This is by far the most effective aspect of our training and allows our clients to practice their newly acquired skill in an intense, competitive situation.