Farrell Training - Uncompromising


Farrell Training - Uncompromising


Farrell Training - Uncompromising

European Brazilian Jujitsu Champion

Andrew is a two time Brazilian Jujitsu Champion, beating off competition from some of Europe's best and most respected fighters, to claim this title two years in a row.

British Ground Fighting Champion

Back to back British Ground Fighting Champion for three years straight. Andrew explains his love for ground fighting the best:

"I was once interviewed for a martial arts magazine and they asked why I liked ground work so much? My reply reflected my own thoughts throughout my ground fighting years. I like ground work because you can never say that you slipped, and he got a lucky shot in, as on the ground there is nowhere to hide and no excuses. Down there, if you have the skills you can be in control, and no external influences, that you cant control, can effect the result. This is what I bring to the Pro clubs and people that take on my concept of training, I give the players and people in my sessions nowhere to hide, so everything is on the table and there can be no excuses later."

Junior British Champion Bodybuilder

Andrew is proud to have been recognised as a drug free athlete and in addition to his British title he has competed in America and Brazil.


Andrew freely admits that his route to the final of the European Ironman Championships was tough, having to dispatch some of Europe's toughest mixed martial arts fighters.