Farrell Training - Uncompromising


Farrell Training - Uncompromising


Farrell Training - Uncompromising


We are a unique professional training company who speicialise in helping champion athletes find that ‘extra edge’ they need to be successful. Our training transcends several disciplines including, rugby, boxing and judo, amongst many others. Mastery of these disciplines has allowed us to develop bespoke hybrid training sessions individually tailored to our clients needs. Our approach has always been to look at what our customers need to be the best and give best advice on the areas where we know we can make a difference.


"I have been training in martial arts for 25 years, and I am a first degree black belt, I have been playing Rugby since I was at school, playing professional in Super League, and I am still playing to this day.

People from all walks of life persist in asking me to work with them. Police officers wanting to up there level of fitness for there job, firemen, mixed martial arts fighters, rugby players and football players looking for the next level.

For more information on relevant experience please see our titles held section.


Andrew holds belts in the following disciplines:

Freestyle Karate - Black Belt
Judo - Brown Belt
Brazilian Jujitsu - Purple Belt
Drug Free Bodybuilding - Junior British Champion
Ironman - European Finalist